Common Window Cleaning Questions

Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth it?

People often think of having their windows cleaned as a luxury and rarely think it is needed. The truth is, window cleaning can be a key factor in your windows lasting to their full lifespan in the long run. With a professional window cleaning, you will get better results than doing it yourself. In some instances, it may even be cheaper to hire a professional when you consider your valuable time and the price of going out and purchasing all the tools necessary to complete the job. Also, some window cleaning professionals offer other exterior home services as well, like gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning, and may offer you a package deal.

What Does Window Cleaning Include?

  1. Window preparation: We begin by removing all the screens from the home and cleaning debris and dirt from each screen with a wet mop.
  2. Window wash phase 1: Then we start washing your windows working on the inside and outside at the same time depending on the type and style of your house’s windows. This will get all of the loose and easy-to-remove stains off of the windows.
  3. Window wash phase 2: We apply our window cleaning formula with a wet mop to agitate dirt. This step is where we get into the science of our special cleaning formula. It loosens up the even harder to get debris.
  4. Window wash phase 3: We then use professional handheld razor blades that safely scrape all of the remaining stuck-on debris, and we repeat brushing the glass, with our wet mop.
  5. Clean Glass: Using a skilled motion we squeegee the glass clean, free of dirt and streaks, and looking like the day you first moved in.
  6. Finishing Up: Finally we wipe the edges of the window and sills and finish by locking your newly cleaned window closed; ready to enjoy the clear view.
  7. Inspection: We look over every window we have cleaned and let you know if we see anything out of the ordinary. If we see any broken seals, scratches, or any obvious building damage, we will let you know.
  8. Clean up: We want to be sure we leave the rest of your home as clean as we found it. We ensure that everything is put back in its proper place.

When Should Windows be Washed?

Springtime is a good time to start thinking about having your windows cleaned. Over time your windows get built up with dirt, grime, pollution, and whatever else the winter season exposed them to. However, beyond popular belief, your windows can be cleaned any time of the year, and no, the rain will not make them dirty again! Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain. Rain helps keep your windows clean, as it lowers the levels of dirt, pollen, and pollution floating around in the air and thus keeping those elements from landing on your windows

Why Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Every home or business has varying levels of need when it comes to window cleaning, however here are just a few benefits of having your windows cleaned:

  1. Curb Appeal- Whether you are preparing to sell your home, or you are trying to get new customers in your business, having clean windows helps your overall appearance not only from the outside but also from the inside. Grime can obscure the incoming light and become an unsightly distraction to your visitors or potential customers.
  2. Extend the Life of Your Windows- Professional cleanings remove corrosive elements and potential mold from your windows, seals, and window frames which can reduce the likelihood of future damage, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements.
  3. Retain Window Efficiency- Professional window cleaners often inspect each window for any damaged window seals which can often lead to air leaks, fogging, and condensation, resulting in higher energy bills.
  4. Safety- The risk of ladder-climbing while cleaning is the most apparent safety reason to have your windows professionally cleaned, but there are other not-so-obvious reasons as well. One of the benefits of having a professional inspect your windows is your professional can make sure your window channels are unclogged to prevent your windows from not opening in the event of a fire.

How Do I Prepare For Window Cleaning?

Some of the things you can do to prepare for a window cleaning include:

  1. Clean your blinds of any dust that may come into contact with your clean windows.
  2. Move any personal belongings or fragile items away from the windows and remove any decorations that may be hanging on the windows.
  3. Inspect your window screens and shutters to determine if you would like them cleaned as well, it may be included in your window washing.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

Window cleaning prices range from $10 to $15 per window, or $4 to $8 per pane, with third and fourth-floor ladder work adding $3 to $5 per window.

Window size, location, and type play a large role in the cost, as a professional could clean an entire set of residential windows for the same price as one large commercial window. Other factors that might be considered when pricing a job are paint and stain removal, the presence of mineral deposits, and the addition of shutter and blind cleaning. Professionals may not include these factors in regular window cleaning charges, however, check with your professional before scheduling.

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